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Mr. Naveen Nagar

Co-founder & Executive Director

Lex Saturates is a platform which allow everyone to publish their blog,articles,ideas etc and we organize regular event where anyone can share their views.We as lex Saturates are trying to make the life of students easy and intresting by providing study materials and with all legal updates.We believe that "Action speak louder than words" and by keeping same in mind we are working with consistency and with efficiency in precise way, which help us to gain love from the audience and their engagement with us. We are trying our best to make updated each one those who are a part of The Saturates Family. Thanks to all the follower and subscriber For being a part of Lex Saturates "IN NATURE YOU ARE KNOWN BY YOUR OWN NATURE" -NAVEEN NAGAR


Contact Details

HN- 62, Mahendra green woods, jatkhedi, Hoshangabad road, Bhopal - 462046
(+91) 9109102483